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Octopus offers swimming pool remodels and renovations. You can read through these Frequently Asked Questions about our pool construction, remodeling, maintenance service, repairs, and design to find if you have similar questions in mind that we can address. We’d be more than willing to answer your queries. Thank you for trusting Octopus!

Frequently Asked Pool Construction, Remodeling, Repair and Maintenance Questions

  • When should I remodel?

Renovation can be effectively done at any time of the year but because of seasonal demands, pool renovations usually increase during spring months.

  • What should I expect during the remodeling?

Remodeling and renovating a pool is quite a messy job. But we assure you that the result will be worth the temporary loss of your backyard. We will ensure you are informed and updated on the stages of your pool’s renovation at all times.

  • How long does a renovation take?

The duration depends on the extent of your pool remodeling and renovation. A simple interior finish or tile upgrade can be usually accomplished within a week. But a full-blown backyard renovation and remodeling could take few months.

  • My pool leaks whenever the pump is running. What should I do about it?

The most common reason for this issue is a low quality spoke gasket that only the multiport valve filters. Just remove the assembly of the key cover and replace the spoke gasket or the rotor assembly as recommended.

  • My pool steps and liner have brown stains that won’t brush off. What should I do about it?

Your pool’s surface may be stained because of the organic or metal substances that are present in the water. You can take a sample of your pool water to a pool professional for testing and analysis. There is an available chemical that is specially designed to remove stains in swimming pools that can be applied to solve this problem.

  • The test result of my pool water shows that the water has no chlorine, but I can smell chlorine from it. Do I need to get a new test kit? I know that chlorine is present in the water because the odor is so strong.

This is probably caused by chloramine buildup in the pool water. You should test the water for both total and free chlorine using your test kit. The pool water has to be shaken with a certified sanitizer or oxidizer to get rid of chloramine buildups. The level of the pool sanitizer should be balanced to eliminate odor.

  • The light bulb in my pool is burnt out. Do I need to drain the pool first in order to install a new bulb inside?

No, there’s no need to drain your pool. Light fixture can be simply removed by just loosening the retaining screw that holds it. The light bulb can be removed from the niche and then put on the pool deck for it to be serviced. But take note that the breaker should always be turned off before the pool light service begins. It is also good if you have the lens gasket replaced when the bulb is being replaced as well.

  • Who should I call to repair my gunite spa or pool?

For gunite spa or pool repairs, it’s important for you to call a pool service company with well-trained and professional services experts to avoid inappropriate repair techniques that may cause more damage and bad results. Octopus is composed of factory-trained personnel who can service your pool or spa. We maintain industry certifications and participate in educational opportunities to keep us updated of new equipment and technologies.

  • Can Octopus help me with warranty repairs?

Yes, we can help you with warranty repairs. Most distributors and manufacturers of pool equipment require well-trained technicians for their projects. Our staff is certified to communicate with them to know if repairs are covered. We can also expedite the process.

  • Does Octopus also service commercial spas and pools?

Yes, we also provide services such as repair, renovation and maintenance to commercial spas and pools aside from servicing residential spas and pools.

  • How much will my pool construction cost?

Swimming pool costs are often the main concern of our customers. However, we don’t hastily give an exact quote without knowing specifics and important details about the pool and the site. The Octopus has developed a sales process that in aligned with our custom design process. We take our time in understanding your vision and budget as well as measuring and assessing the site. When all factors are present, that’s when we can give you exact price quotes.

  • Can Octopus help me in buying a home with a swimming pool?

Yes, we can help you with that. We recommend that you do a pool inspection first before you buy a home with an existing swimming pool. What usually happens is that, we are often called when the purchase is done. There are higher chances that we may find more expensive repairs that should’ve been made before the purchase. We can set you up a pool instruction appointment with our service professionals. They will give advice on proper pool maintenance and inspect the pool as well as the equipment to give you a proposal for any upgrades or repairs.

  • What if I need help in cleaning and maintenance?

We know that you can be busy with work and all so you can’t do the cleaning on your own. We can help you if you need assistance in cleaning your pools. We have customers who use our services for at least one or two times weekly. Call us at (phone number) for pricing.

  • Do I still need to maintain my swimming pool during winter?

Yes, you do. Cleaning and water balance is a must-do task for you all year round. You can ask for the service of our experienced staff if you ever need changes in procedure in winter.

  • How often do I need to clean my filter?

You can clean your filter quarterly or when the pressure gauge reaches 10 pounds. If the pressure is too low or too high, you can clean all of the debris from filter grids and baskets and ensure that the gauge reads 0 when it is turned off. If it doesn’t read 0 after cleaning, you need to replace it to for accurate readings.


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